Banned on Mirage without warning

If you wish to appeal a ban, please do so through here.
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Banned on Mirage without warning

Post by Legalflamez » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:28 pm

Your Steam profile(REQUIRED):
Server you were banned on (if applicable): No idea since it was a long time ago

Admin who banned you (if applicable): Caprisun:

Reason you were banned (if applicable): A false accusation of me cheating

Got banned without warning, apperently for cheating. I was banned the 12th November 2017 but at the time I was not aware that GZS was this big community and I didn't know I could appeal. The Admin Craze can vouch for me not being a cheater, and was also the one who informed me about GZS.

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Re: Banned on Mirage without warning

Post by ✪ MSK » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:14 pm

You will not be unbanned as it has been over a week since your ban.
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