Ban Appeal

If you wish to appeal a ban, please do so through here.
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Ban Appeal

Post by skf » Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:18 pm

Your Steam profile(REQUIRED):
Server you were banned on (if applicable): all the GZS retake servers.
Admin who banned you (if applicable): MSK
Reason you were banned (if applicable): racism

From console:

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You have been banned. (skF - STEAM_1:1:86489143)
Reason Racism * 1000
Banned by: ✪ MSK
Time of unban: 2019-07-20 21:19:12
I do understand the following rule "If you were temporarily banned, for reasons like trolling, griefing, racism, etc., you have two days after you were banned to appeal." however I was hoping you can make an exception for a first time offender. I couldn't find any better retake servers out there and I would like to come back and will refrain from using bad language again. I will also be donating to support your servers that I've enjoyed in the past.

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Re: Ban Appeal

Post by ✪ MSK » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:11 am

We don't make exceptions. Especially, for bribes.
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