mianix's Staff Application

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mianix's Staff Application

Post by mianix » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:22 am

User name: mianix
Steam profile link: steamcommunity.com/id/mianix
Age: 16
Do you have a mic: Yes
Rank: I no longer play MM (I got to LEM solo queue), I don't play CEVO, I no longer play Faceit, and played ESEA for only a month (I don't even remember my rank). My MM rank is GNM due to my lack of activity. Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/128340ade58527a350a7065de8c9b1bc
Region: US Chicago

Why you would be a good staff member: I would be a good staff member because of my huge experience administrating other servers (shown below). I also would be a good staff member because of my long time playing Counter-Strike. I've played CS:GO since 2014, when my friend reintroduced me to the game, and I played CS:S on my Dad's PC (I was a Scoutz-Knives GOD :P). In that time I've banned over one-thousand people. I am proficient in spotting players including but not limited to Aimbot, Wallhack, Bunnyhop Assistance, and Backtrack. I've had countless hours poured into Administrating 1v1, Deagle, Retake, Bhop, and Surf servers. I am also a very welcoming person, I am very good at letting new and long time players that we value their time put into the servers and to play in the future. I am also very good at keeping those negative players OUT of the server. I've shown to be able to handle a server full on my own, and to mute, gag, or kick players that deserve it. I wouldn't call myself an admin that shows equality on negative players but an equitive one; I will ban,mute, or gag those that are responsible for repeated offenses for apropriate lengths.
Prior experiences: In CS:GO I was first an Admin on Precision Gaming DEATHRUN back in 2016, where I eventually became the Head-Admin for 6-8 months before I shutdown my server due to the gamemode dying. I later resigned that year. I became an Admin again for them in late 2017, for their COMBAT SURF server, where I got to Senior Admin and resigned in October of 2018 due to complicated reasons. On both occasions I left on good terms. I was also an Admin for DZN Combat Surf (I think they shut down) before I resigned after 6 months of trying to help. I was also an admin for Eclispe Combat Surf before I resigned for complications with the owner. There were a few occasions in the past where I owned and co-owner servers for people before I left them after I helped and everything was working smoothly (on good terms). In CS:S I was a Co-Owner of a SK server. I don't remember much about that. Finally, I've been an admin for a few Gmod Deathrun servers. I would get demoted for inactivity, as I didn't like Gmod very much.
References: I don't think any.

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GZS Main account name: mianix
Discord name and discriminator: mianix#9434

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