ILOVE410HSK Hacking 24/09/17

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ILOVE410HSK Hacking 24/09/17

Post by ophyzarr » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:36 pm

Your Name + Profile: Hi, I'm PsyZarr.

Person You Are Reporting + Profile: The user I'm reporting is ILOVE410HSK

Reason for reporting: He appears to be using a subtle magnetic aimbot, as well as a bunnyhopping script. You can see in gameplay that he's obviously hacking because of his lack of skill in other areas of play. I.e his grenade throwing and general movement are not great. And he doesn't understand the concept of moving the mouse from side to side whilst using the bunnyhopping script. You can quite clearly see him do dodgy stuff such as knifing people in smoke and shooting through walls at times where the opposing player hasn't moved or made any sound.

Proof (REQUIRED): Here's a link to a CSGO demo!iNBm0QQL!c1Db4Ws4WK85 ... PNKt0OMPJ4

I just made an account here to report this guy as he was responsible for making many players leave. Hope you guys can come to the same conclusion as me.

Edit: If you do happen to come to the same conclusion, make sure to report him on his profile, thanks.

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Re: ILOVE410HSK Hacking 24/09/17

Post by DreaM_ » Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:48 pm

Banned - thanks for the report.