Banned from discord

If you wish to appeal a ban, please do so through here.
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Banned from discord

Post by arnav0521 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:03 pm

Your Steam profile(REQUIRED): In this case it was discord so my discord name is arnav #1272

Server you were banned on (if applicable): The GZS discord server

Admin who banned you (if applicable): MSK

Reason you were banned (if applicable): I think it was because of a gif I posted in a another discord server but to be honest I'm not sure

I have not spoken to MSK in over a week and out of nowhere he just hits me with a ban on discord. I haven't even been toxic or anything which is why I am very confused. Once I asked MSK why I was banned all he did was respond with "R/oopsdiddntmeanto". Also another thing worth mentioning was the gif I posted (IN A SEPARATE DISCORD NONETHELESS) was IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM directed at him because it contained content from Jewish background. If he truly did find the gif not directed at him offensive whatsoever I have deleted it. Also I just do not act like I am untouchable and have no idea why MSK thinks I think I'm untouchable. ... if-8025152 - the gif i posted in the separate discord which I do not find racially frowned upon at all considering its just a unicorn flying past david stars.

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Re: Banned from discord

Post by ✪ MSK » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:13 pm

Discord bans aren't appealable.